About CloudeNotes

CloudeNotes are for us Parents with kids at School (we have 4), who are receiving more and more Notes. Permission Notes, Enrolment Forms, Payment Requests, Notes to remind us to read and reply to the Notes!

CloudeNotes are for our Teachers, Coaches and Administrators who know that emails are Spammed, that Kids are unreliable couriers (really?), and they should not be tempted with small sums of (Canteen) money.

CloudeNotes are for those managing busy families. Soccer Training, Tennis Lessons, Math Tutoring, Piano Lessons, and everything else our kids do.

CloudeNotes are for Organizations who collect the same annual enrolment information from Parents – Name, Address, Cell Phone, Email, etc. – on paper forms that are filed away to be replaced the next year.

CloudeNotes are for the Trees that might be saved when we can simply Consent to our kids activity electronically. So we can fill in a form electronically and keep our Kids particulars up to date for those trusted with their care and development.

CloudeNotes will allow us access to notifications online through our Cell Phones, Tablets and PC’s – avoiding Email or Social Media channels.

Save Time. Save Money. Save our Teachers and Administrators. Save Parents.

CloudeNotes are here now.

Enjoy and do let us know what you think.