Collecting Payment

Built-in ecommerce allows you to create any type of Payment request. Parents can click and pay within their CloudeNote. Payments are then automatically applied against the Student name and recorded in your Payments Received account. Funds collected are automatically transferred to your nominated Bank Account.

How it works:

It just works. No set up required. The Payment Request button can be used whenever you need it.

Check out how to create a Payment Request in this video:

CloudeNotes Service Fees

When you add a Payment Request to your CloudeNote, Parents or Caregivers will be able to pay using our secure online Payment Gateway. Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard.

Parent/Caregiver pays: The Amount + 0.20c = Total Amount (+ 0.20c is a service fee)

School or Organization receives: Total Amount less 3.85% + 0.20c (this is the payment processing fee and our service fee)

Have some Questions about Service Fees?

What form of payments do you accept?

Parents/Caregivers can pay with Visa or MasterCard.

How do you send us the funds collected?

When a School or Club etc registers, there will be an option to set up a Stripe account (our payment processor) and list your Bank Account details for your Organization. Once set up, all your payments will be recorded in your CloudeNotes dash and in your Stripe account. You can manage payouts, issue refunds and track payments as they occur. All cleared funds are automatically transferred by Stripe to your nominated Bank Account.

Are Credit Card details securely stored?

We do not store Card Holder data or process any Credit Cards directly. We have partnered with Stripe- a Global payment gateway company. From Stripe:

“Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, the most stringent level of security certification available in the payments industry. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 encryption and decryption keys are stored on separate machines.”

Explain how your Service Fees are calculated?

We have negotiated steep discounts with our Payment Gateway provider and can pass on a lower fee structure. We also simplify the service fee, which includes our fees and the payment processing fee. We also have a discounted high volume service fee pricing. Contact us about that.

Can Parents/Caregivers request a refund?

We cannot issue refunds on behalf of Organizations. Our system is designed to successfully process Cards from within a CloudeNote. If the funds are available in your Stripe account, you can issue a refund directly.

Will Parents/Caregivers be charged GST ?

We don’t charge GST on the items you list for Payment in a CloudeNote. The Amount you list would need to include any GST applicable. Organizations are responsible for self-assessing any and all GST due on amounts collected.

Do we need to issue a Billing Receipt to Parents/Caregivers who pay?

We take care of this. When a Parent/Caregiver successfully pays, they are automatically emailed a CloudeNotes Billing Receipt. This lists details such as the CloudeNote Name, date and time and amount they paid.