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Did you know?

In Australia, we consume about 4.25 million tonnes of paper each year.

This equates to around 177 000 trees per year.

A single tree accounts for 8 333 odd pieces of A4 paper, but this is just the first cost.

It takes up to 90 000 litres of water to produce 1 tonne of paper out of virgin material. There are about 200 000 sheets of A4 paper per tonne, that equates to over 450ml of water for a single sheet of A4 paper.

Each tonne of paper produced, would cause around 1.46 tonnes of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere. In context, the Family car would have to drive approximately 4,000 kilometres to equal the same CO2 emissions as 1 tonne of paper.

Paper production also creates waste that ends up going into landfills. In Australia, we send about 1.9 million tonnes of paper to landfills per year. Not to mention the additional hazard of toxic inks, dyes and polymers that are potentially carcinogenic when incinerated or buried in landfills.

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